Breaking brief

IUVO wanted standard CSR campaign. But their service is not a standard one – p2p investment fund.

Before exploring any directions we took one fact for granted – Bulgarians are financially illiterate. So, how the people are supposed to get the message of a company which business is an absolute enigma? That’s how we turned the CSR campaign into an educational project.


The value of money

The investment cliché of the coin being planted into a pot is seen by many but do they really understand what it takes to become a tree?


A new currency on the market

We created a real coin containing two seeds of European ash tree. If planted and properly grown it increases its value every day in front of its owners eyes. This is how the environmental CSR campaign become a lesson in investment, proving that to be good at it you need to take care.


The campaign spread its seeds
in UK and Germany.

Other works