Fasten your seatbelts

Bulgaria stands at number one in the statistics for number of victims of traffic incidents in EU. More then 600 people lose their lives on the road annually. One of the main reasons - not using the seat belt for for being uncomfortable when applied. So, how to change the attitude of young drivers towards road safety?


It is all about the look

When it comes to image, one is inclined to make compromise with comfort, especially the young ones. Isn’t it better to be a fashion victim and not a real one when on the road?

belt feet

Changing the unchanged

We created a product - fashion accessory to be applied over the boring and uncomfortable seat belt which wasn’t improved since developed. Created in partnership with established Bulgarian fashion brands this accessory brings uniqueness to its owners and saves lives. We also twisted the corporate slogan of Renault from “Passion for life” into “Fashion for life” for product moto.

VIVE Fashion for life
VIVE Woman VIVE No Woman
VIVE Child VIVE No Child

Since October 2018 Vive is available to buy in the partners’ shops and Renault dealerships all over the country. It also became part of the official accessory catalogue of Renault Bulgaria.

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